Zong Evo Wingle Packages 3G 4G with Prices

Zong 3G, 4G Evo Wingle Packages with prices, Zong wingle monthly package unlimited, Zong 4G device bundle offers, Zong 4G LTE wingle device and packages. Some popular packages of zong 4G Evo wingle are Zong 4 GB monhtly, Zong 10 GB monhtly, Zong 24 GB monthly, Zong 50 GB monthly, Zong 100 GB monhtly, Zong 150 GB monhtly and Zong 200 GB monhtly.

Zong Evo 4G Packages

Dial *6666# to subscribe Zong Evo Packages.

Packages Price Validity
Monthly 4 GB Rs. 500 30 Days
Monthly 10 GB Rs. 1000 30 Days
Monthly 24 GB Rs. 1500 30 Days
Monthly 50 GB Rs. 2000 30 Days
Monthly 100 GB Rs. 3800 30 Days
Monthly 150 GB Rs. 5000 30 Days
Monthly 200 GB Rs. 6000 30 Days

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