Zong Internet Packages & Offers with Activation Details

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zong internet packages

Zong Internet Packages Details

Zong launched 3G, 4G daily, weekly and monthly internet packages at very affordable price. Zong introduced four daily internet packages with are named as Daily Basic, Daily data max, Zong day time offer and Zong Nightly. They introduced only one weekly package which is named as Weekly Premium and super weekly offer. They have also introduced 5 monthly internet packages which are named as Monthly Mini, Monthly Basic, Monthly Premium 2 GB, Monthly Premium 6 GB, Monthly Premium 10 GB. The details of all these packages are shown in the below table.

Packages Volume Validity          Price          Activate
Day Time Offer 1 GB 4 am to 4 pm Rs. 12 sms dto to 6464
Daily Basic 100 MB 1 Day Rs. 15 sms db to 6464
Daily Data Max 500 MB 1 Day Rs. 35 *5#
Nightly 2 GB 1 to 9 am Rs. 12 sms gno to 6464
Weekly Premium 700 MB 7 Days Rs. 70 sms weekly 6464
Super Weekly Offer 2 GB 7 Days Rs. 100 *2*1#
Monthly Mini 150 MB 30 Days Rs. 50 sms m150mb 6464
Monthly Basic 500 MB 30 Days Rs. 150 sms m500mb 6464
Monthly Premium 2 GB 30 Days Rs. 300 sms m2gb 6464
Monthly Premium 6 GB* 30 Days Rs. 600 sms m6gb 6464
Monthly Premium 10 GB 30 Days Rs. 1800 sms m10gb 6464

free 1GB every night from 1 am to 9 am

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How to check Remaining Data

You can check remaining data of your bundle by dialing *102#. For any other information dial Zong help line 310.

Terms and Conditions

  • Zong offers are limited time offers and terms and conditions can be changed at any time.
  • The internet packages are for prepaid customers only.
  • You can also subscribe internet packages by dialing *6464#.
  • All these internet packages used with 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the bundles are allowed, bundles with lower validity time will be consumed first.
  • Beware of using the internet without any data bundle. It will charge Rs. 18 per MB.
  • Your bundle will automatically subscribe for the next time if there is balance in your account. To unsubscribe from a bundle SMS unsub bundle name (For example unsub mini) to 6464.
  • To check your remaining balance dial *222#, service charges of Rs. 0.22 will apply.
  • To get an advance loan of Rs. 20 dial *911#, service charges will apply.
  • Only use biometric verified SIM by PTA.
  • For any additional inquiries dial Zong Helpline 310.

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