[Review] Zong Wingle 3G & 4G is Best with Speed of Upto 150 MBps

I was using PTCL wingle and fed up with its low-speed and dis-connectivity. Recently I purchased Zong Wingle 4G and it is far better than PTCL Wingle. You can connect 10 WiFi devices with it. Price of Wingle device with two Sims (Broadband Sim + Voice Sim) is only Rs. 1700 to 1800. You can insert any Zong Sim into Wingle and use your mobile internet packages directly on your computer. You have to recharge Rs. 500 in voice Sim within 7 days and you will get 10GB data for five months (2GB / per month) free and Rs. 500 still remain in your balance.

zong 4g wingle

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Zong Wingle 4G Features

  • Fastest portable internet device available in Pakistan with speeds of up to 150 Mbps.
  • Plug and play  No software installation required, just plug the device and enjoy blazing fast speed.
  • Can be connected to any power source or a Computer.
  • Can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops and LEDs.
  • Use with any Zong Sim
  • Micro SD card slot available.

Following packages are available for Broadband Sim.

Bundle*         Bundle Price     Bundle Validity
Monthly 24GB         Rs. 1,500     1 Month
Monthly 50GB         Rs. 2,000     1 Month
Monthly 100GB         Rs. 3,800     1 Month
Monthly 150GB         Rs. 5,000     1 Month
Monthly 200GB         Rs. 6,000     1 Month

Following Voice Sim or any Zong Sim packages can also be used with this Wingle.

zong internet packages

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You can dial *6464# to view and activate different 3G internet bundles and dial *102# to view data usage check.

Zong is expanding its 3G and 4G network very quickly and till now Zong 3G service is available in the following cities.

Cities with 3G services

You can find a list of 3G available cities from Zong official website.
My experience with Zong Wingle is very good. If you are using Zong Wingle share your experience via Comments.



  1. please tell me lowest and higest prices of all network usb using fornet

  2. waheed ullah

    How can i check my zong wingle mbs

  3. Adnan Shabbir

    Zong4g are thugs.. They r offering 24GB and its consuming even quicker than 5 GB of any other package. They r over charging MBs and package is consuming within few days. Can’t believe 48 GB consumed in 10 days. Their is some serious fraud going on by Zong4g wingle. Be careful

    • naveed azhar

      thats right I am also using the same and same happen with me 50GB used in 15 days, unbelievable

    • naveed azhar

      I am using the same and used 50GB within 15 days without any movie downloading. Seems like big fraud

  4. using zong wifi wingle and consumed 7 GB in 2 days

  5. Waheed Ali shah

    The simple way to control the Zong speed is go to : then go to “Setting” then Click on Dial up on the left side and then Click on Network setting and choose 3g and press APPLY BUTTON. I am frequently doing that when I want to download something I change the setting to 4G and in seconds the things downloaded when I stream the videos I change it to 3G and it consume not so much MBs and even the speed remain good.

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