New Pay Scale Chart 2016 For Sindh Government Employees

Sindh pay scale chart 2017, Sindh pay scale notification 2017, Sindh pay scale chart 2017-18, Sindh government pay scale chart, pay scale Sindh government Pakistan. Sindh Government announced new revised pay scale in budget 2017-18. The chart of the new pay scales is provided below. Adhoc reliefs of 50% will be merged into basic pay and new pay scale will be introduced for Sindh Government employees from grade 1 to grade 22. An ad-hoc relief of 10% of the new basic will be given to all Sindh government employees with effect from 1-7-2017. All pensioners of Sindh government are also entertained with 10% increase in their pension.

revised pay scale 2017 for sindh government

Final Pay Scale Chart 2017-18

Below is the chart of new pay scale 2017-18 from grade 1 to 22. These pay scale are effective from first of July 2017.

Click on Pay Scale Chart to Zoom it.

new revised pay scale chart 2017

It is final approved pay scale chart after budget discussions. After merging 50% ad-hoc relief new pay scales are approved. Annual increment also increased in the new pay scales. An ad-hoc of 10% of the new running basic pay will be granted to all Sindh government employees. The ad-hoc details of all basic pay stages are also mentioned in the pay scale chart. The federal employees also granted 10% of ad-hoc relief. The pensions of all Sindh government retired persons are increased by 10%.

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