Latest Warid 4G Internet Packages Of 2016

Warid has introduced amazing 4G internet packages on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Although Warid internet packages are expensive than other networks but their speed is much better. In this article we will provide you details of Warid 4G internet packages for prepaid customers only. You can subscribe all these packages with one sms or short code. These packages are available on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
warid 4g internet lte packages

Warid 4G LTE Prepaid Plans.

Details of latest Warid 4G internet daily, weekly and monthly packages are as under.

Warid 4G Daily Packages

You will get 50 MB data for 24 hour in Rs. 10 with Warid Daily package and get 100 MB data in Rs. 100 for 4 hours. Details of these packages are shown in the table below.

Warid 4G Weekly Package

You will get 250 MB data in Rs. 50 with Warid Weekly package. Subscription details of Warid weekly package are given in the below table.

Warid 4G Monthly Packages

Warid has launched five monthly packages which are named as Monthly Mini, Monthly Value, Monthly Smart, Monthly Big and Monthly Super. All details of these packages are shown in the below table.

Package Volume Validity Price Activate
Hourly 100 MB 4 Hours Rs. 10 Sms dh4 to 7777
Daily 50 MB 24 Hours Rs. 10 Sms d24 to 7777
3-Day 125 MB 3 Days Rs. 25 Sms db3 to 7777
Weekly 250 MB 7 Days Rs. 50 Sms db1 to 7777
Monthly-Mini 500 MB 30 Days Rs. 100 Sms mbm to 7777
Monthly-Value 1 GB 30 Days Rs. 200 Sms mbv to7777
Monthly-Smart 2 GB 30 Days Rs. 300 Sms mbs to 7777
Monthly-Big 5 GB 30 Days Rs. 500 Sms mbb to 7777
Monthly-Super 8 GB 30 Days Rs. 800 Sms mhd to 7777
  • You can also subscribe and check remaining data of all these packages by dialing *777#
  • Warid 4G services are available in more than 30 cities. You can know latest coverage area from Here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your mobile should be LTE 4G supported to use these packages.
  • Default rate without any package is Rs. 5 per MB.
  •  After consumption of Rs. 50 in a single day you will get 10 MB bonus.
  • All these packages are for prepaid customers.
  • Dial 100 to talk to customer care representative.
  • Government taxes will be applied on all these packages.
  • 4G bundles will work on both 4G and 2G.
  • 2G bundles will not work on Warid 4G LTE.

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