Latest Paksat 1R Channels List with Frequency Settings

Latest Paksat 1R channels list @ 38E with frequency and other settings are updated on this page. Paksat is only Pakistan satellite to broadcast FTA channels on the dish. Most of the Pakistani channels are providing their transmission through Paksat. Most of Paksat channels are available on 6 feet dish and some channels are available with 8 feet dish. The Paksat 1R Channels List with their frequency, polarity, symbol rate is shown below.

Paksat 1R Channels List

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Paksat 1R Channels List














V Geo TV Network
V Geo News
V (feeds)
V (feeds)
V (feeds)
V (feeds)
V (feeds)
V Geo Super
V Geo Tez
V Geo Tez International
V Geo Tez International
V Geo Kahani





V Sindh TV
V Sindh TV News
V Sindh TV





V Channel 24
V City 42
V City 41
V Rohi TV
V UK 44


3776 V Suno
3782 V Metro 1 News
3785 V 7 News TV







V Express
V Express Entertainment
V Express News
V Times


3806 V Health TV (Pakistan)






V Leo TV Network
V Filmazia
V Film World
V Aruj TV


3824 V Jalwa
3830 H (feeds)
3831 V See TV
3856 V PTV Bolan
3860 V (PTV feeds)
3865 V (PTV feeds)




V Apna Network
V Abb Takk


3966 V Apna Channel





V KTN Network
V KTN Entertainment
V Kashish
V KTN News


3976 H (feeds)
3979 V Channel Five
3981 H (feeds)
3984 V AJK TV
3992 V VSH News








V PTV Network
V PTV Home
V PTV News
V PTV Global
V PTV Sports
V PTV World
V FM Radio Sawat
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan





H Paksat Middle East
H K21 News
H Dharti TV
H Raavi TV
H Vibe TV


4013 V (PTV feeds)
4023 V 92 News








V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan
V Radio Pakistan













V Pakistan mux
V On TV (Pakistan)
V Jan TV (Pakistan)
V Dil TV
V Sabzbaat Balochistan
V Sabaoon TV
V As Movies
V Hamara TV
V Dhanak TV
V Zindagi TV


4042 V Neo News
4047 V WAQT News





V PTV Network
V (PTV feeds)
V (PTV feeds)
V PTV National
V Radio Pakistan






H Paksat Fujairah
H Bzaf TV
H Oxygene
H Fujairah TV
H Sahar Urdu
H Gawahi TV
H Radio Spice 105.4
H Mix FM (UAE)


4060 V (feeds)
4064 V Star Asia News





V Aaj News
V Play Entertainment
V Aaj Entertainment


4081 V ATV (Pakistan)
4085 V Dawn News
4089 V Dunya Entertainment
4093 V Awaz TV Network
4097 V Noor TV (UK)
4098 H (feeds)
4101 V Roze News
4105 V [Geo Tez test card]




V TV One Global
V News One (Pakistan)
V Waseb TV




V Business Plus
V Zaiqa


4130 V Din News TV
4133 V Dunya International
4137 V Mashriq TV
4141 V Royal News 24/7
4144 V Punjab TV
4153 V Bol News Network








V VU TV Network
V VU TV Network 1
V VU TV Network 2
V VU TV Network 3
V VU TV Network 4


4168 V Kohenoor News
4180 V Mehran TV
4184 V Capital TV (Pakistan)
4188 V (feeds)

Note About Paksat 1R Channels List

I will update Paksat 1R Channels List as some new channels are launched on Paksat. So keep in touch with this page to know the latest channels of Paksat 1R.

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