Latest Gazi Tv Biss Key On Apstar 7

Latest Gazi Tv biss on Apstar 7 76.5 E is updated on this page. Gazi TV also known as GTV was launched in 2012. It is televising shows, dramas, news, sports and much more. In the beginning it was free to air channels but now it is available through biss key on Apstar 7. I will always update this page as biss key will changed by Gazi Tv administration.

Gazi TV Biss Key on Apstar 7 (updated on 21-02-2016)

Biss key 49 97 08 E8 D8 25 5B A7
Satellite Apstar 7
Degree 76.5 E
Frequency 3806
Symbol Rate 4800
SID 0001
Polarity H

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