Latest CSN Sports Biss Key on Apstar

Latest Biss Key of CSN Sports on Apstar 76.5 E is updated on this page. CSN stands for Carlton Sports Network and it is belong to Srilanka. It is founded in 2011 and soon after it become very popular in Srilanka and rest of the world. You can watch CSN Sports through biss key on Apstar and normally it is scrambled. Biss key will be changed during important events. I will update this page as biss key is changed by CSN administration. So stay in touch with this page to get the latest biss key of CSN Sports.

CSN Sports Biss Key (updated on 17-052-2016)

Biss key 25 8C D1 82 EE CA 78 30
Satellite Apstar
Degree 76.5 E
Frequency 4045
Symbol Rate 2427
SID 0001
Polarity V

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