Latest Biss Key for PTV Sports and Dunya News on Pak Sat 38 E

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Updated on 24-02-2017 and it is fully working latest biss key of Ptv Sports. Enter it and enjoy PSL maches. I will update it as it was changed by PTV sports.

On Dish Antenna there is a lot of free to air channels in different satellites. But some good channels are not free. These channels are Scrambled or Encrypted. Most popular way to unblock these channels for free is to enter Biss Key for these channels. Two most Popular Pakistan TV channels PTV Sports and Dunya News can be Unlocked through Biss Key. These channels change their Biss Key after some time. Latest Biss Key and other settings of PTV Sports and Dunya News are as under.

PTV Sports Latest Biss Key.

In Pakistan there are two sports channels on Dish (PTV Sports and Geo Super). You can Unlock PTV Sports through Biss Key. Geo Super can not be unlocked through Biss Key. PTV Sports always change its Biss Key during Important events and give them to authorized Cable Operators. From there this Biss Key leaked on Internet. During Cricket World Cup PTV Sports change it’s Biss Key on daily basis but in normal routine they change their Biss Key after 4 to five months. I always update Biss Key as they change it. If you have any other problem to enter Biss Key contact me through comments.
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PTV Sports Latest Biss Key Settings on Pak Sat 38 E 2015

Updated on 24-02-2017

Satellite                         Paksat 38 E

Ch. Name                      PTV Sports

Frequency                    4004

Symbol Rate                15555

SID                                  00004

Polarity                           V

Biss Key                       F7E9 A700 1957 CD00

Dunya News Latest Biss Key.

Most of Pakistani News channels are free on Dish Antenna and available on Pak Sat 38 E. But some important channels like Express News, Samaa News and Dunya News is available on satellite Intel Sat.  Dunya News International HD is also available through Biss Key on Pak Sat 38 E.

Dunya News Latest Biss Key Settings on Pak Sat 38 E

Satellite                         Pak Sat 38 E

Ch. Name                      Dunya News International HD

Frequency                    4133

SID                                  0001

Polarity                           V

Symbol Rate                 2220

Biss Key                        D2 99 65 D0 56 F4 A1 EB

I will always Update Biss Keys when they are changed.

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