How To Convert SIM TO Telenor From Other Networks

In this instructional exercise we figure out how to change over sim to telenor from some other system. As of late other than telenor, four versatile organizations (Mobilink, Ufone, Zong, Warid) are working in Pakistan. The system to change over sim to telenor from any system is same. You can change over your sim to telenor without changing your current versatile number and code.

The terminology to convert sim from one network to other network is named as MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Before converting your sim to Telenor you may also like to know Latest Telenor Call Packages and Internet Packages. The procedure of Telenor MNP is given below.

Method to Convert SIM to Telenor

You have to follow three simple steps to convert your sim to telenor network.

Step 1. Write MNP in new sms and send it to 667.

Step 2. You will receive a message with your number details. Send this message to 76345

Step 3. You will receive another message with your pin number. Visit nearest telenor franchise to collect your new sim.

(Charges) Converting sim to telenor fee is Rs 60. You will receive Rs.50 account balance from telenor.

Terms and Conditions

  • Number should be active (not expired) with existing service provider.
  • You can not change your number again before 60 days.
  • You should not have any due amount against the number with existing service provider.
  • You should have sim number or IMSI Number of your existing service provider.
  • You can choose any working day date to complete the porting request.
  • You must visit nearest franchise of telenor with porting sms and have to fill the form to complete the request.
  • There are no legal impediments in the Court of Law.
  • For any further inquires, visit  nearest Telenor Sales & Service Center.

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