How To Convert SIM On Ufone (MNP To Ufone)

Ufone is very popular cellular network in Pakistan. It is only network which belongs to Pakistan. If you are aiming to convert your sim on Ufone then this article is for you. You have to follow the same method to convert sim to Ufone from any network. MNP (Mobile Number Portability) to Ufone is very easy. You have to follow some simple steps and your sim will be converted to Ufone. If you are planning to convert your sim to Ufone, you may also like to know Latest Ufone Call Packages and Internet Packages.

Steps To Convert SIM On Ufone

You can convert your sim to Ufone without changing your number and code. You have to follow these steps to convert your sim on Ufone from any network in Pakistan.
Step 1. Write MNP in new sms and send it to 667.

Step 2. You will receive a sms with your ownership details. Forward this sms to 76333.

Step 3. Visit your nearby Ufone franchise with received sms and CNIC photo copy to convert sim on Ufone.

You can also convert your sim on Ufone with this online Link.
I hope you can easily convert your sim to Ufone by following above mentioned method.

Terms And Conditions

  • Your sim should be active with current network before making request of MNP.
  • You have to wait for 60 days if you already changed your number.
  • You have to clear all types of dues with your current network before porting to Ufone.
  • Utilize all your balance and packages before MNP to Ufone.
  • For further information visit nearest Ufone franchise.

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