Dog TV Asia Biss Key on Measat 3/3A @ 91.5E

Dog TV Asia Biss Key on Measat 3/3A @ 91.5E. Latest Dog TV Asia Biss key, polarity, symbol rate, frequency details. Dog TV Asia frequency on Measat 3A is 4040. Dog TV Asia Polarity on Measat 3A is H & symbol rate is 28605.

dog tv biss key

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Dog TV Asia Biss Key on Measat 3A

  • Channel Name: Dog TV Asia
  • Satellite: Measat 3A @ 91.5
  • Frequency: 4040
  • Polarity: H
  • Symbol Rate: 28605
  • Biss Key: 04 04 76 7E 04 04 76 7E

Biss Key Information

  • We will update Biss key as it was changed by the channel. So keep visiting this page to get the latest Biss key of the channel.
  • Biss key is an abbreviation of Basic Interoperable Scrambling System.
  • It is a 12 digit alphanumeric code to unlock scrambled channels on the satellite dish.
  • Biss keys are basically provided to cable operators in remote areas to unlock scrambled channels.
  • These Biss keys are testing purposes only and if you have reservations about the provided Biss keys contact us through email.
  • Biss key enabled satellite receiver required to enter Biss keys.
  • To unlock scrambled channels, enter all details like sid, frequency, degrees etc accurately.
  • For different satellite dish receivers, different options are available to enter Biss key.
  • For further inquiries about provided Biss keys, write in comments.

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