Da Vinci Learning HD Biss Key on Turksat 4A @ 42E

Da Vinci Learning HD Biss Key on Turksat 4A @ 42E. Latest Da Vinci Learning HD Biss key, polarity, symbol rate, frequency details. Da Vinci Learning HD frequency on Turksat 4A is 11802. Da Vinci Learning HD Polarity on Turksat 4A is V & symbol rate is 17500.

da vinci learning hd biss key

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Da Vinci Learning HD Biss Key on Turksat 4A

  • Channel Name: Da Vinci Learning HD
  • Satellite: Turksat 4A @ 42E
  • Frequency: 11802
  • Polarity: V
  • Symbol Rate: 17500
  • Biss Key: 5A A9 B5 B8 8D 50 CF AC

Biss Key Information

  • We will update Biss key as it was changed by the channel. So keep visiting this page to get the latest Biss key of the channel.
  • Biss key is an abbreviation of Basic Interoperable Scrambling System.
  • It is a 12 digit alphanumeric code to unlock scrambled channels on the satellite dish.
  • Biss keys are basically provided to cable operators in remote areas to unlock scrambled channels.
  • These Biss keys are testing purposes only and if you have reservations about the provided Biss keys contact us through email.
  • Biss key enabled satellite receiver required to enter Biss keys.
  • To unlock scrambled channels, enter all details like sid, frequency, degrees etc accurately.
  • For different satellite dish receivers, different options are available to enter Biss key.
  • For further inquiries about provided Biss keys, write in comments.

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