Convert TalkShawk to Djuice and Djuice to Talkshawk

Telenor is second greatest cell system in Pakistan. Telenor is an organization of Norway. They presented astonishing call, SMS and internet bundles for their clients. They offer brilliant voice quality and super lightning web speed at low cost. They are utilizing the world most recent Telecom innovation in Pakistan. You may also like to know about Latest Telenor Call Packages and Internet Packages.

Convert TalkShawk to Djuice

Telenor presents two sorts of sims (Talkshawk and Djuice). Diverse sorts of call, SMS and web bundles are accessible on both these sims. Telenor Djuice has best call rates from Telenor to Telenor and Telenor Talkshawk has better rates from Telenor to different systems.

If you call the majority of the times from Telenor to Telenor then you ought to change to Telenor Djuice and in the event that you call more often than not to other systems then you ought to change to Telenor Talkshawk. You can change over your sim from Talkshawk to Djuice or Djuice to Talkshawk. You can undoubtedly change over Talkshawk to Djuice or the other way around. The Same strategy is connected to move from Talkshawk to Djuice and Djuice to Talkshawk.

Convert Talkshawk to Djuice or Vice-versa

Follow these two steps to convert Telenor Talkshawk to Djuice or Djuice to Talkshawk.

Step 1. Write migrate in new SMS and send it to 345
(You will receive a message)

Step 2. Reply this message with your desired option.

(Note) Charges to migrate from Djuice to Talkshawk or convert Talkshawk to Djuice are Rs.10. You can switch as many time as you wish. Charges Rs. 10 will apply for each time. You can not use your existing packages after migration. you can simply check whether you are a Talkshawk or Djuice customer. Simply dial 345 from your Telenor number and listen carefully the representative. He will inform about your SIM status in the beginning.

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