10 Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Since 2012, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world.  Chrome Browser occupies the 66% shares of total browser market. It has simple and clean interface to attract the internet users. Now I am sharing some awesome Chrome tips and tricks. These chrome tips and tricks will help you to get more productivity from the browser and save your precious time. You can download and install Google Chrome form Here.

Useful Chrome Tips and Tricks.

Here are the list of top 10 Chrome tips and tricks. Read the tips and start applying them to get more from google chrome.

1. Your Address Bar is a Calculator

You may know or not, you can calculate basic math in chrome search bar. Just type the basic math problem in the chrome search bar and answer will appear in suggestions below the address bar. This trick will work if your default searching browser is google.

google chrome calculator

2. Use Keyboard to Navigate through Tabs Quickly

You can navigate from one tab to another tab through keyboard commands. Just press the control key and press number from 1 to 9. you can press control + 1 to switch to left most tab and so on.

3. Navigate Up and Down using Keyboard.

You can use space bar key to scroll down any web page, and you can scroll up by pressing Shift + space bar.

4. Open  Incognito Window for Private Surfing.

The Incognito mode is for confidential surfing. In Incognito mode your chrome history, cookies and downloading history will not be recorded. This feature is needed to perform private, confidential and personal tasks. Press Ctrl + shift + N to open Incognito window and start your private surfing. Surfing through Incognito window will not be shown in your browsing history.

5. Open Recently Closed Tabs

If you close a Tab by mistake, you can open this tab again with this awesome tip. Just press ctrl + shift + t to reopen recently closed Tab. You can keep hitting it to reopen more recently closed tabs.

6. View All your Saved Passwords

You can forget your passwords saved during auto fill option. you can see all your saved passwords by clicking on settings in menu bar, then scroll down to bottom and click on show advanced settings. Now scroll down to option Password and Forms and click on Manage Password. This will show you list of saved passwords. All passwords will be shown in dotted from, but when you click on a password, show password button will appear. click on it to view the password.

7. Add More Bookmarks to Bookmark Bar

When you add a bookmark to Bookmark bar, some text is also shown with this bookmark. Delete this text to add more bookmarks to bookmarks bar. For this purpose right-click on a bookmark and then click Edit. Now delete the text of the bookmark and click Save. By this way you can add more bookmarks to bookmark bar.

chrome favicon

8. Use Google player as Media Player

Google chrome can be used as a media player too. you can play videos and audios on google chrome. Just drag the video or audio from your hard drive to chrome and play these files in google chrome directly without installing any additional application.

9. Change Chrome Default Theme

The default theme of google chrome is simple. Google chrome have complete theme store from where you can select awesome and colorful themes according to your liking. If you want to change google default theme then go to Settings and under Appearance click on Get Themes. Chrome theme store will open, from where you can choose the theme of your liking.

10. View a Website Mobile Version

If you want to see how a website look like on mobile screen, you can check it with google chrome. Just click F12, developer mode will open. Now click on mobile icon and select the device from the drop down menu.

If you found these chrome tips and tricks useful , share them with your friends and help them getting the most out of google chrome browser.


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